We all have our own singular beliefs about what is true and what is not. Yet we also sense that there is a much fuller array of lived truth – a breadth and depth that our personal experience is too limited to comprehend. To counter this, what can be more exhilarating than to step into the mind of an artist and see how they express their experience of the very same thing as you? 
In this way, the artist’s perspective grants us the capacity to arrive at a  deeper comprehension of the truth. The more we come to understand different perspectives, the more realistic and respectful is our understanding of all matters. Classical perspective techniques allow painters to depict 3 dimensions on a 2-dimensional surface. Art can be many things, but I have argued that the artist's use of proper perspective makes for more realistic and believable art, in turn allowing viewers to learn more about their own belief systems. It is with that in mind that I have used classical perspective techniques in my landscape and representational paintings.