Food + Drink

Civilization arguably began with the advent of agriculture. This was the moment we were able to grow our food supply and establish more permanent villages. Harnessing fresh water sources and arable land, we began growing plants and raising animals. The need for agricultural land, to this day, has often required the tearing down of forests. This taming of the land is a testament to human ingenuity. We, in the developed world, now enjoy our favourite fruits and nuts year round. But do we understand the true cost of today's farming practices? Soils are depleted, Water aquifers are running low, and we are continuing to cut down rain forests.
We would be wise to build a more enduring respect for how Earth fosters abundance. From farm to forest, harvest to market, and kitchen to table, we must couple a new gratitude with the sober awareness that far too many of our fellow humans struggle to put food on the table. Food is a wonder. And it is for that reason that I have devoted a large number of my paintings to say “Thanks for the meal!”