Chapter 3

I Love it, but is it Art?

Insert your Article's first paragraph before your painting. Keep this short if you can. It opens the overarching argument.
Exploration    by Ron Clavier    Oil on Canvas, 36” x 48”   2

this is a SUBhead

Heading and text and image and feature block elements can be moved around in the vertical layout – just select and drag-and-drop.

To keep article styling looking good, I recommend you duplicate existing block elements as needed.

Note that the painting image above (and its caption) are inside their own box block element, while this article content (all of the article below the painting) is inside a separate box block element. Here's the reason I've done this: the box block element lets us hold page content to a max width – the painting image's box has no max width set, allowing to take up unlimited page width – this box has a max width of 650 pixels set, keeping written content below the painting to a narrower page width, which creates a bolder page layout.
Inside a text block element you can have multiple paragraphs, but I recommend no more than 3 paragraphs in a single text block – it's just a lot easier to edit !
Marie Curie
“Quote 1 ...”
–  Marie Curie
Pablo Picasso
“Quote 2 ...”
–  Pablo Picasso


With the Marie Curie and Pablo quotes above, that is what's called a feature block element. It creates the clustering of image + headline + text. Above is a feature block element with 2 items, side by side. Below is a feature block element with 1 item.
“Quote here”
– Plato

A one-liner that deserves to stand out.

This paragraph is an example of how you would create a footnote number. To link to the footnotes section (which will scroll readers down when they click a footnote number), simply: highlight a footnote number in your article, you'll see a floating cluster of buttons, click the link button, then insert #footnotes as the link, and hit enter. The footnote number will be coloured gold if it has a link. 5


1. Simply DUPLICATE these text block elements for each numbered footnote, using the 3-dots button at right (and click the duplicate button in the buttonset).
2. Note that all footnotes sit in a box block element. It's important all footnotes remain inside this box element
3.  Footnote #3