Artist Statement

My goal as an artist is to add a dimension of cognitive depth to our understanding of the world in the hopes that we find it easier to see “eye-to-eye.”

Social Implications:

Many people see societal things such as politics or religion very differently from how we see them. If we insist that our personal way of seeing these things is the only ‘right” way to see them, we invite the trouble I referred to when people don’t see “eye to eye’: elements of anger; unwillingness to be persuaded; and dismissal of the other view as “wrong. All too often, this leads to anger, unwillingness to be persuaded, and dismissal of the other view as “wrong”. And yet, there can be a much more positive way of seeing “eye to eye”.

Artistic Implications:

When we look at something with both eyes open, we see things literally “eye to eye”; and we refer to the experience as “binocular” vision. This is also known as 3-dimensional vision since seeing “eye to eye” allows us to perceive depth.

Physiological Implications:

What can be more exhilarating, more central to learning, than to step into the mind of an artist and see how they experience the very same object as you? Nor does it matter whether that artist is world-renowned or a preschool child. Both can enlighten us with the capacity to defy common sense, and arrive at a deeper comprehension of the truth.

Art is not what you see,
but what others make you see.”

– Edgar Degas