Art is more vital than we think.

Humans are motivated by the same imperative that motivates all animals: Survival. You might think art has little to do with survival. I invite you to think again. Since everything we do to survive is based upon what we believe to be true ... we want our beliefs to be accurate so that we can trust them. Who then can we look to to show us what is true?

The scientist. And the artist. Both are laser focused on pursuing the truth.

As a PhD in Physiological and Experimental Psychology, having published numerous articles in the field of brain research, and now as a full-time artist, it is hard not to notice how Science and Art are our best tools for developing our understanding of the world we live in. Stay tuned for my first of 28 Chapters, called The Importance of Truth. My chapters are a rollicking, wide-ranging dive into what we know about the human brain, using art as a vibrant tool for getting at and unpacking numerous issues and stories


Chapter 1: The Importance of Truth

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